How to verify your email address?

Once you register in our platform we will send you a verification email. Simply click on the link that you will find in the email and it will be verified.

If you have not received the verification email, please contact our team by sending an email to [email protected] saying that you want to verify your email and we will verify it manually.

How to start?

Register with your email and password and you can start earning cryptocurrencies right away! You can claim from our platform every 5 minutes and increase your balance using our different methods to earn.

What countries do you accept?

We accept users from all over the world!

How many accounts can be opened by a single person?

One person is allowed to have just one account on Bitcoin Cyclone

How to increase my balance?

You can increase your earnings using our different methods:

  • Claiming from our faucet or autofaucet.
  • Watching pay to click ads (PTC).
  • Completing Shortlinks.
  • Doing tasks.
  • Participating in our weekly lottery.
  • Resolving daily achievements.
  • Completing tasks from our offerwall.
  • Participating in contests.
  • Referring your friends.
  • And also playing games.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum balace to withdraw is 0.005$ in the cryptocurrency that you like.

How much is the withdrawal fee?

We do not charge any fees.

Are the withdraws instant?

Yes, just request a withdraw when you have more than 0.005$ and you will receive it instantly in your wallet.

How can i withdraw my balance?

You can request a withdrawal to, to, or to

What adventages are if a user increase his level?
The main adventage is on Faucet, as much level you have more reward you get. You can get a +20% reward on every faucet claim if you reach the maximum level.
Also we will make contest and the users who have the highest level will receive rewards.

How can I increase my level?
Users can get experiences from:
- Claiming from faucet.
- Completing shortlinks.
- Offerwalls.

What emails are accepted in the platform?
All emails are accepted except:, and